Welcome to Vintage Hills of Arizona!

We are the premiere residential care facility in Gilbert, Arizona, dedicated to giving our residents dignity and a fulfilling life. We cater to the elderly with more advanced or acute medical cases. We have qualified caregivers and a Nurse Practitioner living within the home.

Paul and Dr. Marie Bentz, DNP, FNP-C, operate Vintage Hills. We are a husband and wife team dedicated to providing excellent care for our residents in a home-like setting. We both have many years in the healthcare and caregiving fields, and will provide care for your loved one as one of our family.

Dr. Marie, DNP, started her career fresh out of high school in the year 2000 where she became a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) landing her first job with the Department of Developmental Services in the state of California. From there, she continued her education obtaining a Psychiatric Technician License from Cypress College in 2004. Far from ending, she focused her efforts and completed the Licensed Vocational Nursing bridge program followed by her ADN Registered Nurse program from Santa Ana College in 2010. From there, Marie excelled her education by further obtaining her BSN in Public Health from Pacific College in 2016, and her MSN with a specialty in Family Practice from United States University in 2019. She culminated her education receiving a Doctorate – Nurse Practitioner, from Aspen University in 2023.

Marie has over 20 years of experience working with the developmentally challenged population, the incarcerated, and recently, substance abuse individuals. Throughout her career, she perfected the art of nursing and is now fulfilling her biggest ambition: Providing superior care to the most vulnerable and fragile members of society. She is now living in Gilbert, AZ with her beloved husband and child under the strength than only God can supply.

Paul is a certified Caregiver having taken care of his father for 15 years before his passing, and his mother with dementia before her passing. His father was legally blind for 15 years prior to his passing, and his mother suffered from severe dementia for about 4 years prior to her passing. Having cared for loved ones suffering from multiple ailments, Paul is keenly aware of the concerns facing families caring for a loved one. As his mother used to say, “Being Sick is a Full Time Job“.
Paul is aware of the concerns facing families: the medication lists, doctor’s appointments, arranging transportation, having loved ones in and out of hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, preferences and changes in health and well-being of your loved one.

It is our goal every day and every hour to provide the best of care for your loved one in a friendly, warm, and comforting home environment. You can be assured we will do all we can to ease the anxieties you and your loved one have when placing your loved one in a residential care facility.